As we age, there are things that we choose to live without. But our homes should not be one of them. If you love your home, you should live there for as long as it is safe for you to do so. Unfortunately, many people choose to leave the homes they love, for the simple reason that they can no longer use the stairs. This is an unfortunate decision because the installation of a stairlift can eliminate this issue easily.

  • Loss of Mobility: There are many reasons for people to lose some of their mobility. Accidents, medical issues, and the process of aging can change the way we get around. But if you’re able to get from place to place on your own, then it is likely that you can operate a stairlift independently as well. Even people who cannot get off and on a wheelchair by themselves, can still benefit from a stairlift, if they have an assistant in the home to help them off and on.
  • Your Home is Your Home: Our homes are full of memories and they are the places that we most want to be. Living in your own home is good for your mental wellbeing, and it is something that you should be allowed to keep. Stairlifts need not be expensive. You can find refurbished stairlifts in Stafford, for example. With the addition of a lift, you may be able to stay many more years in the place you love.

Sometimes we must fight for the things we want. If you want to stay in your home, don’t let the stairs be the reason you are forced to leave.

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