Going down your knees soon? We know you are excited and nervous too! What you should actually concern about is the ring you are going to purchase for the lady! While buying the ring, you need to consider a lot of points and features. Remember, this is one of the most crucial situations in a woman’s life. She is going to remember every small detail of that day. So, do your research and surprise her with the most beautiful, decorative and amazing engagement ring London.

Consider her profession!

Before buying a ring for your lady, you need to know her more! How she is and what she aspire to be! Does she love gardening and spending a lot of time between the greeneries? If yes, then an engagement ring covered with mud won’t go with her profile! In that case, she will love a simple ring with not so delicate works!

If she is a player or athlete where she takes part in tournaments or does yoga a lot, you need to choose a ring wisely. Will she remove the ring while doing her chores or you should go for a simple ring that she can wear and do her duties without taking it off! So, before buying the ring, you actually need to know her a bit more! Take your time and try to know the type of ring she is expecting!

Do not surprise her with the odd thing!

If you two are friends, you obviously discuss about life and personal stuff. As you are approaching towards a proposal, we can imagine that you know each other enough! So, you must have discussed engagement rings. You know what she wants and her choices. Now do not surprise her with something out of the box! Women love surprises but not something she cannot digest! When you know her choice, try to buy something similar to her choice and not something you think works best!

Do not show off!

Though women love men when they pamper their ladies, but not in terms of money all the time! Some women may like you buying her a necklace, but this is not the case with everyone! Women are very intelligent and they know when you are genuine and where you are showing off! A simple ring can earn her love and her presence in your life. Do not showcase your love in terms of money only. Not every woman loves to be pampered at jewelleries and pricey diamonds!

According to her style statement!

Buy a ring that reflects her personality. Your girl has a style statement and you need to buy something according to that. Do you have common friends or any access to her best friend? If yes, take help from her. She will be the best person to guide you through your lady’s heart. Buy engagement ring only when you think your lady is going to say yes and buy it according to her style.

If you follow these points, you will surely be able to surprise her with a beautiful ring and you will end up getting a ‘yes’ as well!

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