Many people globally struggle to conceive a child, and it can be frustrating when you see lots of people you know all starting a family. You can do things to help your situation, such as considering IVF treatment, but this can be expensive, and there is no guarantee of success. If you and your partner are keen on IVF treatment but have limited funds, you will want to select somewhere to have the treatment you can afford. Below are some excellent options where you can get a high standard of care and hopefully become pregnant with a child of your own at an affordable price.


Malaysia is becoming increasingly popular for tourists to visit and receive IVF treatment, and the IVF cost in Malaysia is often considerably lower than in Europe and other western countries. You also benefit from having a tropical holiday while receiving treatment, and relaxing is vital when undergoing this type of treatment. Being relaxed and not wound up and tense will give the IVF the best chances of success, so you may wish to consider travelling to Malaysia for this treatment.


Greece is one of the most popular countries for couples to travel to so they can receive IVF treatment, and this is because it is so affordable. Greece has many excellent clinics where you can undergo IVF treatment and hopefully conceive, and it is also an ideal place for a holiday. During the summer months, the weather is warm, and there are many resorts where you can relax while you wait to see if your treatment has been effective.


Turkey is also popular with many couples seeking IVF treatment, and it is right in the middle of Asia and Europe, so it is convenient for many people to travel to for treatment. As with the other countries above, the standard of care is excellent in Turkey, and there are many clinics with highly skilled doctors who can help you conceive a child. There are also some fantastic places to relax while you wait to see if the treatment has been effective, so you can also enjoy a wonderful holiday while visiting Turkey.


Canada is another popular location for couples to travel to for IVF treatment, and they offer excellent care at an affordable price. Canada is a beautiful country, and there is plenty to see and do while there, but it does get cold during the winter, and you may not get a lovely beach holiday while waiting to see if the treatment has worked or not.

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