When you want to join the millions of people travelling to Thailand every year and become one of the increasing numbers of medical tourists and get nose surgery, many options are available. You will need to do plenty of research to find the best hospital and surgeon for your rhinoplasty procedure, whether for medical or cosmetic reasons. Bangkok has many excellent hospitals, with some of them being more like 5-star hotels than hospitals. Below are some tips for finding the best hospitals and clinics you can consider for your treatment and sort your nose out once and for all.

Set Yourself A Budget

Not including your flights and hotel accommodation, you will want to set yourself a budget that you can afford for your treatment. Many hospitals advertise the basic costs for rhinoplasty on their websites, so you can get an idea of the costs involved and determine how much you can afford to spend. Once you have a realistic budget, you can start searching for the best place to receive treatment.

Start Your Search Online

You can use a search engine and get a comprehensive list of the hospitals and clinics where you can go for surgery on your nose in Bangkok. You will want to start compiling a list of the best places you find and include the basic costs for the procedure. You often do not have to worry about waiting lists in Thai hospitals, as once you decide which place to go for treatment, you can get treated within a couple of days. Take the ten best hospitals you find that are within budget and start digging into their online reputations to whittle them down to three or four.

Investigate Their Online Reputations

You can now start looking at the online reputations of the hospitals and clinics you can consider using. An excellent way to do this is using social media platforms, such as YouTube, LinkedIn, Facebook, or Instagram. You can look at their pages on the different platforms, see what previous patients have said about their experiences, and see the ratings they left. You can also look at how the hospitals interact with the comments on their pages to see the customer service level they provide.

Making Your Decision

You do not want to rush into any surgery, including nose surgery, and you always want more than one opinion. You will want to make an appointment with the top three hospitals on your list and see a consultant to see what they recommend. You can also check availability for the procedure, usually a couple of days, and decide which of the top three you will use for your rhinoplasty to get you your dream nose.

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