High heels for men are being embraced increasingly as society starts to look at gender roles differently. For the men that are exploring the more feminine sides of themselves, high heels are not as innocent as they appear. Ask any woman, and they will tell you how painful high heels can be. One solution to this problem could be a pair of comfortable men’s mule heels.

What are Mule Heels?

A mule heel is a shoe with no back or fastening around the heel. The mule heel is made as a slip-on design, so there are no constraints around the foot. Comfortable men’s mule heel would make an excellent option for men starting out in the world of high heels.

Are Mule Heels that Comfortable?

Yes, mule heels are considered to be quite comfortable. The comfort factor is due to the fact that mule heels support the insole and offer a good amount of coverage to the top of the foot. Mule heels were even a favorite of Marylin Monroe! That was what really made mule heels take off. They had another surge in popularity during the 90s once Sex in the City started airing. Apparently, mule heels were also a favorite of the main character, Carrie Bradshaw.

Another reason why mule heels can be so comfortable is also due to the fact that they were once considered to be a bedroom shoe. Today, you can get them in so many styles that they are even more popular outside of the bedroom.

Pros of Mule Heels for Men

  • Today’s modern mule heels are considered to be very fashion-forward.
  • Design-wise, they are made from higher-end materials. Mule heels are built to last.
  • Mule heels are great for people that suffer from Achilles tendonitis and arthritis.
  • Their versatility makes them compatible with almost any outfit.

Cons of Mule Heels for Men

  • They may be on the more expensive end of shoes since they are made from higher-end materials.

Mule heels certainly have a unique history, from bedroom shoe to a hot casual shoe. It’s not surprising that men would want to give them a try. In fact, men’s mule heels are actually quite popular for more casual events. There are so many different ways one could utilize mule heels in their wardrobe. They will keep you cool in summer as well.

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