Magic mushrooms are incorporated with a compound referred to as psilocybin having a hallucinogenic impact. Not only it makes you high, but psilocybin does also have benefits when it comes to your physical and mental health. People tend to buy mushrooms for this reason though more research is required to substantiate this claim.

Magic mushrooms and their benefits

Magic mushroom is not only about hallucinations, though in a few cases, but it can also be a great feeling. When you buy magic mushrooms UK, the following are a few benefits that may emerge. 

  • Helps in treating Depression

The research studied the impact of psilocybin- the compound of psychedelics found in mushrooms. After the treatment, depression levels were found to be low. Though this is dope news, more research is needed to figure out the link between depression and psilocybin. There is a need to be aware of whether the treatments can extend beyond 12 months or so.

With magic mushrooms, it is not a good idea to meditate, and there are other proven methods like online therapy or personal therapy. 

  • Helps to combat substance abuse

People who buy magic mushrooms are trying to understand when it helps prevent drinking, smoking or drug misuse. In a small study conducted, it was found that psilocybin trimmed down alcohol and drinking cravings. There is a general feeling that psilocybin can prevent various forms of substance abuse. Though still, a considerable degree of research is necessary to understand whether it can prevent drug use or drug cravings.

  • Provides relief from headaches

Based on the research of 2017, using psychoactive components like psilocybin could help in the treatment of migraine and headaches. However, another study was of the opinion that psilocybin can cause headaches. The severity of a headache is dependent upon the dosage though the symptoms were not severe or disabling. 

  • Copes with PTSD or post-traumatic stress disorder

In a study undertaken, researchers were of the opinion that low doses of psilocybin may condition a response of fear in mice. This would mean that the main reason to buy magic mushrooms is to treat PTSD and related conditions. Though a considerable degree of research is necessary for human beings to substantiate this fact.

Studies indicate that the psychological effects and the impact of psilocybin may be unpredictable. So, it is difficult to figure out whether magic mushrooms are 100 % effective for treating PTSD. 

  • Trims the level of Anxiety

Though more research is necessary, psilocybin can reduce anxiety to a considerable level. In a study conducted on 51 cancer patients with life-threatening disorders were given high doses or low doses of psilocybin. The high group had optimism and higher quality of life. In comparison to the lower dose group, it can lead to a decrease in death anxiety.


To conclude, when you buy magic mushrooms UK, you need to be aware of its utility. After 30 minutes of consuming magic mushrooms, the hallucinogenic effects start taking over. The trips last for 4 to 6 hours though in a few cases, they could last for a longer period of time. It all depends upon the quantity that you consume.

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