A butterfly is popular for its brightly-colored wings. However, there is something more to the butterfly tattoos than being pretty only. In Eastern culture, a butterfly symbolizes joy. When people see butterflies, then they bring them joy due to their rarity and beauty. In Aztec culture, a butterfly symbolizes the past warriors’ souls. For the Aztecs, the meaning of a butterfly is considered the remembrance of people who are no longer alive.

Some butterfly tattoos with symbolism are good luck, impermanency, metamorphosis, and beauty. Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder though you would not be able to locate many people who disagree with the fact that a butterfly is a work of art. A butterfly tattoo symbolizes beauty and femininity in their rarest types. Similar to other insects, the life of a butterfly is fleeting and a butterfly tattoo does symbolize a loved one who isn’t alive. A butterfly passes a metamorphosis at its lifetime similar to some people who do it in a highly metaphorical manner.

A butterfly tattoo symbolizes a huge development and change in the life of a person. Commonly, it must be something that has touched people to the degree that they require a tattoo for reminding them. Numerous cultures believe that a butterfly does signify good luck. When you see one, then it can turn out to be an excellent luck charm. And so, when you have a butterfly tattoo then it might provide you good luck for your entire life.

What do blue butterfly tattoos symbolize?

As butterflies are found in various colors, some colors become representative of a specific message. In this context, it is important to bring forward the topic of blue butterfly tattoos. Numerous people do hold the opinion that blue butterfly tattoos symbolize bliss and good luck in life. Again, these tattoos also signify a good luck charisma. People also get yellow butterfly tattoos as they symbolize happiness and joy.

The colors of tattoos alter the meanings of images significantly and when people get their tattoos designed by a tattoo artist, then they remain mindful of the colors. This is why they ask their artists to incorporate those colors right into the images that they have planned to ink onto their skin for good.

The symbolism of butterfly tattoos in various cultures.

Butterflies do symbolize different things based on the culture:

  • In the culture of Japan, butterflies are viewed as a soul’s personification no matter it is dead, dying, or living. According to Japanese culture, when a butterfly gets into your guest room and makes itself comfortable behind a bamboo screen then it is believed that the person you love has come to meet you. Again, butterflies in huge numbers are considered bad omens.
  • In the culture of Russia, butterflies do represent a grandmother or a woman.
  • In Greece, butterflies are meant soul.
  • In the culture of China, when two butterflies fly together then it symbolizes love.

Hence, many people do believe in butterfly tattoos with symbolism and some things that these tattoos symbolize are change in the life of a person, rebirth, luck, nervousness, and freedom.

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