Although you might find tips for straight hair and wavy hair on the internet, it is not the same as caring for natural hair. Natural hair needs more care and may require different products than you will find in your local grocery store. Natural hair is extremely curly and thick so you need to ensure that the right products and tools are used to maintain it. These are the top five natural hair care tips that men should know.

#1 Do Not Shampoo Too Often:

SLS is a common ingredient in shampoos you buy off the shelf. This can strip your hair of its natural oils if it’s washed daily. This can make your hair feel dry and brittle. SheaMoisture’s Intensive Hydration Shampoo is a great choice.

#2 Keep Your Hair Moisturized:

Natural hair needs to be moisturized. This is the key to maintaining your natural hair’s softness and shine. Oyin’s Juices and Berries conditioner makes a great choice.

#3 Use the Right Styling Products:

Natural hair products don’t work well with most styling products. They just make your hair look flat and greased. American Crew’s Firm Styling Gel is a great choice. It reduces frizz and adds vitamin B5 to strengthen the hair.

#4 Choose the Right Styling Tools:

Some hair types should not be brushed using a simple brush or wide-toothed comb. Natural hair can be very curly so a fine-toothed brush is the best. A hard bristled brush is best if you are looking to change the style or shape of your hair. A soft-bristled toothbrush will be sufficient if you just want to tame your hair.

#5 Get a Low-Maintenance Cut:

You don’t have to take your hair care too much, so you can opt for a lower-maintenance cut like a crew cut or taper cut. These types of cuts are easy to maintain.

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