Lice are very small, dark-colored insects, well known to children’s heads but to adults too! Difficult to spot due to their very small size; they usually hide behind the neck and ears. But their presence rarely goes unnoticed: it itches, itches, itches.

How To Avoid Them?

If someone you know has head lice, they should be treated immediately. Until the lice are gone, tie up your hair if you have long hair and have your scalp checked regularly for lice or nits. In addition to the measures we have just seen, you can also use repellent products against lice to keep them at bay:

How To Get Rid Of Lice?

When someone has lice, they must be treated immediately to get rid of them and prevent them from spreading on their skull and on others! Check all the heads of the family carefully by examining the hair and running the lice comb. Inform those around you! And if it concerns children, warn the mistress or the master.

Ideally, if several people in the same environment have lice, they should all be treated on the same day by lice doctors for example to prevent the lice from spreading again on heads that have already been treated. If several students in the same class have them, ideally, they should treat each other at the same time at home, for example, on Saturdays.

Treat The Head

To eliminate lice with Lice Removal Service in San Antonio for example, there are very effective products if you follow the instructions in the instructions for use. Spread the product generously over the entire skull, roots, and hair. Leave the product on for the time indicated in the instructions.

Be careful; anti-lice products are generally irritating. They can sometimes cause allergies. Be very careful when using them: do not get them in the eyes or on any parts of the skin other than the scalp. And don’t put them near a heat source because they could catch fire.

The Electronic Lice Comb

Electric anti-lice and anti-nit combs detect and kill lice using an electric pulse. It is an effective alternative to creams, shampoos, and other drug treatments that are sometimes harmful to children. It’s painless and harmless, even for toddlers!

Dealing With Laundry And Cuddly Toys

To prevent lice from returning, you must treat everything that may have come into contact with them. At the same time as the hair, it is, therefore, necessary to treat the linen (sheets, towels, scarves, hats, etc.) and the cuddly toys.

For this, everything must be machine washed at 60°C minimum. The other alternative to avoid damaging the cuddly toys or the laundry that cannot be machine-washed at such a temperature? Lock everything in a garbage bag for two days. Without the ability to feed, the lice will not survive.

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