Dentures and dental implants are options to replace missing teeth. They provide options to replace a few or all of your teeth. Each of them has pros and cons. If you need tooth replacement, but you are not sure about your option, there are factors you must take into account, so you can make your decision. Also, a Wichita Falls dentist can walk you through the details, benefits, and drawbacks of every option. 

Dental Implants vs Dentures

As dental implants and dentures have the same purpose, they are similar in many ways. Each of these options involves artificial teeth that replace missing teeth. 

Dentures have been around for years. You can choose to get partial dentures to replace a few teeth or full dentures to replace all of your teeth. Dentures are fitted to your mouth, sitting on top of your gums. Partial dentures come with clips to attach to your surrounding teeth. Meanwhile, full dentures come with a suction or adhesive that holds them in place. 

Dental implants are modern tooth replacements. They are composed of metal rods inserted into the jawbone. After your jawbone has fused with your implant, the latter will serve as your tooth’s roots. To complete the procedure, your dentist will attach a prosthetic to the implant. This prosthetic will look, function, and feel like your natural tooth. 

Important Considerations to Keep in Mind

While implants are a famous tooth replacement option, not everyone can benefit from them. Those who prefer another option or are not a good candidate for implants can opt for dentures. To determine whether you should consider an implant or denture, here are factors to consider:

  • Age. A dental implant is a more permanent solution than a denture. Because of this, patients who are in their 20s find it an attractive option since it could last for years without needing further revision. While patients in their 60s can choose to get implants, they may decide they’re not worth their money and choose to get dentures instead. 
  • Hygiene. People who have dentures or dental implants should maintain good oral hygiene. However, caring for and cleaning dentures involves more effort than maintaining implants. For instance, you must remove your dentures if you want to brush them. Also, dentures must be removed when you sleep and must be soaked in a cleaning solution to prevent them from drying out. Implants can be maintained like your natural teeth. 
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