The popularity of permanent makeup has increased manifold in the last few years. More women (men too!) want to get perfectly shaped brows, eyeliner, and even lip color. Techniques like microblading have been considered safe and offer incredible results. However, not every customer is happy with the end result. There are many inexperienced studios that offer permanent makeup treatments, with little care for aesthetics. If you are one of those who ended up with poorly-done permanent makeup, it is possible to fix it with latest advancements in technology.

Knowing the basics

If your permanent makeup has gone wrong, you might want an immediate solution, which may be not be an option. The skin needs to heal first, which can take anywhere between six to eight weeks. After this, you can go for a tattoo or permanent makeup removal studio, where the experts will check and find the possible solutions to correct the errors. Keep in mind that any kind of further work on the skin before healing can cause bad scarring. If you intend to remove permanent makeup, it is wise to avoid sun exposure for the next few weeks, and in case you have to step out, use a high-quality sunscreen. Any additional skin treatments, such as fillers, must be avoided before permanent makeup correction.

How does permanent makeup removal work?

There could one or several mistakes with your permanent makeup. In most cases, it is related to color issues, or wrong shape. The best way to remove or correct permanent makeup is by using laser. Advanced laser treatments, such as PicoWay, can help in shaping the brows, by working on the problematic areas. For instance, if a part of your eyebrow is too thick, the laser expert can correct the same, so you are not technically removing makeup but correcting it.

Being practical

It is important to understand that removal of permanent makeup may not be always possible. Various factors come into play when it comes to deciding on correction. The depth of the ink, type of ink used, and skin tone are factors that mostly decide on whether permanent makeup can be removed. Even laser doesn’t work in some cases, but do get your case checked, to get a fair advice from a tattoo removal expert.

You may have to follow a few dos and don’ts following laser treatment of permanent makeup. Do ask in advance and let the specialist know of any health condition you may have.

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