Love is the most powerful and insane force in the universe. Those who have managed to find someone so special will go through great lengths to make them happy and satisfied. However, there are times when we can’t be physical with our lover, which could be because of geographical limitations or various other reasons.

What do you do then? You find a way to send gift sets overseas!

There are many different ways you can get an international gift box delivered to your girlfriend’s doorstep. Some might find it easier to get items shipped from the retailer’s local country branch, while others prefer sending surprise gifts via international courier services. Whichever you choose, one thing is certain: you have to capture her attention with the gift you send her. This can be a hard task because many other people compete for her attention.

We will try to help by presenting ways to send gift sets overseas without too much difficulty.

  1. Find a local online gift shop that carries a wide array of items that your girlfriend might like

Be sure to research items that she would like. Consider the type of gift, whether it’s something she’d use daily or something she can use as decoration. Local online gift shops are a great place to start. There are countless shops willing to assist you with your order.

If you prefer to ship it from your country, check if the destination country would allow international shipping. Unfortunately, some countries do not allow their contents to be exported outside the country.

  1. Find out the price to ship an item from your country to your girlfriend’s country.

Check if there are any extra fees, for example, for using a specific shipping service or courier.

Online shops offer different types of shipping. According to the type of gift set you are sending, you must choose appropriate and use it whenever possible. Should you want to try wrapping the item yourself before putting it inside a box, the gift would add more value.

  1. Use a courier

Couriers have the advantage of ensuring that your packages are secured and safe on their way to your girlfriend’s home. Additionally, they offer affordable delivery services.

Some couriers would allow you to send gift sets using a mail service, cheaper than sending via courier services. However, remember to note that they only deliver to the address you give them. So if you want it delivered closer to your girlfriend, you need to contact the courier’s overseas branch or call them up directly.

  1. Do not forget to buy an insurance

The item you are sending may be lost or stolen, and if this happens, the insurance will help cover your losses. Couriers are the best choice if you want your package protected in transit. If your package arrives in a different condition than what you initially sent, the insurance will cover you in case of any damages.

Make sure to mention that you want to purchase insurance for the gift before sending it off so that it will be included in the total charges you pay.

  1. Put a return address

If your girlfriend receives the surprise gift and does not like it or does not have any use for it, she can return it to the address. Sending gifts overseas can be expensive, so choose to send only things that you know your girlfriend would like.

Before choosing to send an international gift box, check with your local government if they have restrictions on sending certain items out of the country. For example, some types of alcohol are forbidden to leave the country.

We have seen that there are many ways to send gifts overseas, and it should not be difficult at all. Just remember to research first before choosing a particular way.


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