When you are in Bangkok and want to buy a gift for the woman in your life, it is an excellent place to shop, so there are lots of opportunities for bargains. Whether you are looking for beautiful silver heart jewelry or some designer clothes, you can find an excellent gift in Bangkok, and if you are a tourist, VAT-free shopping as well. Below are some options for gifts you can consider that might be the perfect gift for the woman you love.

Delightful Perfume

You have a wide variety of choice of perfumes available in the many stores in Bangkok, and the prices are more affordable than in many western countries, even before you take off the VAT. You can get your woman a bottle of their favourite perfume and surprise them with it when you get back home to them. There are many options available, and whatever her favourite perfume is, you can easily find it in Bangkok.

Fantastic Jewellery

Bangkok is also an excellent destination for buying jewellery as it is a global trading centre for finished jewellery. Many skilled artisans make beautiful handmade jewellery and sell it at a surprisingly affordable price. Whether you prefer gold or silver, many options are available, with rings, earrings, bracelets, necklaces, and plenty more options. Jewellery can make an excellent gift, and it will undoubtedly show the woman in your life how much you think of her when she receives her present.

Designer Clothes

If you know the dress size of the lady in your life, you can also go shopping for designer clothes and pick her up something she will love. You can browse the boutique stores in the many shopping malls throughout Bangkok selling designer clothes, so they are easy to find. You can also see creations from local designers such as:

  • Disaya
  • Senada
  • Kloset
  • Greyhound

Quality Cosmetics

You can also consider getting cosmetics for the woman in your life, and the cost of high-end cosmetics is significantly cheaper than in many western countries. You can pick up items of her favourite brand and surprise her with her gift when you get home. If it is something she uses regularly, she will love the present she receives, and it will help you to win some brownie points and make up for going away without her.

These are a few available options, but there are plenty more choices when shopping in Bangkok for a gift. Shop around and get something your lady will love, and it will ensure you have a warm homecoming.

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