It is imperative to adopt mechanisms to control anxiety for both those who suffer from the symptoms of generalized anxiety disorder and those who are mildly anxious. After all, who likes to feel all the negative sensations that come with it? The key to making the tips work is repetition. Trying it once isn’t enough and won’t make the anxiety go away miraculously. You need to develop positive habits through brain re-education.

It may sound not very easy, but it’s far from it! Our tips can be quickly and easily incorporated into your daily life or you can take for instance to help you. Check them out below.

Practice Deep Breathing

Breathing deeply is old advice. When we inhale air and exhale slowly, our brain understands that we can (and should) relax. The effect is almost immediate. However, it can be difficult to combat wheezing in stressful situations or exacerbated anger even by taking a deep breath. This is because deep breathing is also training. It becomes more efficient with time and practice. Only two minutes of training a day are needed for your body to learn to calm down immediately.

Do Relaxation Techniques

After a busy workday, find some relaxing music, turn off the lights in your bedroom (if you prefer) and lie comfortably. Don’t think about work, problems, or pending. Just focus on your breathing and the music. Preferably use headphones to deepen relaxation. By repeating this short relaxation session daily, you will soon experience less anxiety. It might seem like a strange practice at first, especially if you’re used to coming home and going straight to the TV. However, moments of silence like this are essential for our mental health.

Practice Physical Activities

It is more than confirmed that moving the body at least three times a week helps to control anxiety and acts as a prevention and complementary treatment for mental disorders. Physical activity releases happiness hormones (dopamine, endorphin, and serotonin), promoting well-being and physical disposition for the rest of the day. Suppose you’re not in the habit, fine. Look for an activity you think you will enjoy and stick with it for the first few days.

Feed Good Thoughts

Have you ever noticed that when we remember something embarrassing, we feel ashamed all over again? Or when we imagine a positive situation, our enthusiasm suddenly grows? Our thoughts have a significant influence on our feelings and actions. Therefore, many mental disorders share the symptom of bad or disastrous thoughts. It turns out that we can change our thoughts whenever we want. We need to start paying more attention to them. When you create a catastrophic scenario concerning a difficult situation, visualize the exact opposite.

After waking up, think about pleasant things, revisit happy memories, or list your qualities. Play to see the future and imagine good surprises throughout your day. In this way, you learn to expel bad thoughts that do not help. Also try taking supplements such as kratom where we have XPEDITE® pre-workout.

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