Bad breath is caused by bacteria that dwell on the surface of teeth and can either damage the tooth itself or the gums and bone surrounding it. Sulfur, produced by some bacteria, has been linked to foul breath and tooth damage. However, oral diseases and bacteria can spread to other body parts. They can also affect the health of other organs, so getting orthodontic treatment in Fullerton becomes crucial.

The Dangers of Ignoring Dental Problems

If not addressed, gum disease can destroy the mouth’s soft tissues. Chronic pain, trouble swallowing and talking, insomnia, and even tooth loss can all result from tissue degeneration. These factors may exacerbate preexisting health problems.

  • Bad teeth can harm internal organs.

When you do not clean your teeth, plaque builds up on your teeth and arteries, just like when you do not brush your teeth. Heart attacks and strokes are two to three times more likely to occur in those with gum disease. Chronic inflammation can lead to serious health problems, including arthritis, diabetes, and lung illness, and it is triggered by gum disease. 

  • Effects of Personal Lifestyle Decisions

Poor dental health compounds the damage done by some lifestyle choices already bad for our teeth. The effects of alcohol consumption and tobacco use on breath last long after consumption or cessation, respectively. These behaviors pose a threat to overall health and not just teeth.  

  • Children’s Dental Problems

People of all ages are vulnerable, not just adults. Cavities and other persistent pediatric illnesses are real concerns. Multiple cavities can form if a youngster has a sugary diet, drinks milk from a bottle before bed, and does not get their teeth brushed twice a day by an adult (or themselves as they age). 

  • Chronic bad breath is one of the signs that someone is sick.

If a person is ill, bad breath could be a symptom of their disease rather than the root cause of their illness. A person with cancer or a metabolic disorder may have a distinctive breath odor due to the presence of certain substances created by their bodies. Acid reflux from the stomach can cause foul breath, just like prolonged inflammation of the nose, throat, or sinuses.

Available choices

It is essential to maintain the highest level of oral hygiene possible, regardless of whether you have gum disease, tooth decay, or neither of these conditions. Brushing and flossing your teeth at least twice daily will remove food particles and plaque from your mouth. It is essential to make brushing your tongue a regular habit since it can be a source of germs like the rest of your mouth. Make sure to visit the dentist regularly, at least once every six months, for checkups and cleanings. 

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